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My beloved sister passed away some years ago. This is how she looked when she was about thirty years old.

White Horse

This is another of a series of this horse that I have painted many times. This portrait close up is my new favorite. He (or she) came from a group of dude ranch horses near Craig Colorado. I love the light and I just want to stroke the velvety nose.


A commission portrait. This beautiful sorell mare was a joy to paint. (not for sale)


This young woman waited on us at the Little Nepal Restaurant a few years ago. I thought she was pretty and asked her to model. 


This was a commissioned portrait. The reference provided was a black and white photo about two inches square. Whew! what a challenge.


This adorable little pooch was a commissioned portrait.

Julie Penrose

Julie was a woman who knew what she wanted and usually got it. Much of it she gave away or shared with the community. What a great lady! There was a little black and white photo in the Gazette which I used as my reference. I hope her eyes were blue since I painted them that wasy.

George Washington

I named this piece "The Value of the Dollar" because at the time I painted it gold was around $1400 an ounce. I calculated the value of the dollar based on a $20 gold piece. If I'm wrong please correct me. This was painted with acrylic and india ink. Pretty accurate even if I do say so.  :^ )

Edna Mae

My sister when she was young. 

Dog Tired

This little West Highland Terrier belonged to my brother. She was my favorite model. It is sold.