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You're Nobunny Till Somebunny Loves You.

I love the way the light shines through the ears of this bunny at Pulpit Rock Park.

The sun was low, and the light was right. Adding to the whimsey I painted the background similar to crayons.

White Horse 10

My friends and I went to the paint mines near Calhan. we got a lot of cool photos on the way home. This horse is located near Ellicott.

White Horse

This is another of a series of this horse that I have painted many times. This portrait close up is my new favorite. He (or she) came from a group of dude ranch horses near Craig Colorado. I love the light and I just want to stroke the velvety nose.


A commission portrait. This beautiful sorell mare was a joy to paint. (not for sale)


This adorable little pooch was a commissioned portrait.

Dog Tired

This little West Highland Terrier belonged to my brother. She was my favorite model. It is sold.


This beautiful buckskin horse is from a pasture near Kearney Nebraska.  Buckskins are beautiful! He was fun to paint.

Behold A White Horse

We were scouting for Elk near Craig Colorado on an unpaved road when our path was blocked by a bunch of horses. I got out to shoo them off the road and they just mobbed me (probably looking for sugar cubes). I couldn't resist them at this point and grabbed my camera. They were happy to pose. I loved the white one and painted three versions of this horse. The first two are sold. Overall I painted around a half dozen of the other horses. They were dude ranch horses and very gentle.

Behold A Pale Horse

This horse seems to float in midair as in a dream.


I got off my typical realistic style on this one. It's a little more painterly than some.This group of antelope was near Falcon off Woodmen road.