Santa Fe Winter (sold)

Coming home from Tucson on New Years eve a few years ago there was a massive snow storm, so we decided to spend the night in Santa Fe. The full moon was amazing. I have never seen a painting of a freeway before. A note of interest, Going to the car the next morning, I slipped on Ice and fractured my wrist. Luckily it was my left wrist as I'm right handed. I have since learned when you know you are going to fall, just go for it. Falling on ones fanny is much less likely to cause damage than trying to break the fall with the outstreched arm.

Uncompahgre River

This beautiful green river is a major attraction in Ouray Colorado. Unfortunately, that beautiful green is from mining waste.

Eagle Rock

This Rock formation is near Pulpit Rock very near the Heller Center for the Arts. It is painted on a wood panel with acrylic. The colors are much nicer in person. This one needs to be viewed live.

Best at Dusk

The name refers to the light of course which is the good version of "five o'clock shadow".  This painting is from Pulpit Rock Park.

Oak Creek Canyon

This scene is on the road between Flagstaff Arizona and Sedona. The road follows Oak Creek it's a nice break from the busy interstate. Sedona of course is one of the most scenic places in America.

Blue Heron

We were on a trip near Craig Colorado a few years ago when we saw this lovely creek.


When I was growing up on a dairy farm on the prairie it was pretty asture but here was a lilac bush outside my bedroom window. For about two weeks it would fill my head with thoughts of summertime and better things to come.

I took a workshop in Rigby Idaho from the great painter Ovanes Berberian. He supervised this painting.

Union Pacific

This train was dry-docked in the desert near Palasade Colorado a few years ago. It'was wierd to see a train out there going nowhere.

Eagle Rock Canyon

This scene is from Pulpit Rock Open Space. The canyon is mostly hidden from view and is home to many critters. Some of them you wouldn't want to meet on a solo walk. This painting is sold.